Why use WordPress for your website?

So you’ve decided you’re finally going to launch your website – either for your business, blog or portfolio – but you’re wondering which platform to use. Do you use WordPress or Squarespace, Tumblr or WooCommerce? How about Wix?

Of course you want something that looks really slick but isn’t too complicated to use. If it’s for your business, you’ll also want something that is flexible and can grow with you, but won’t be too costly. It would be too much hassle to start off with one and then have to switch if you change your mind. So which do you choose?

Every platform will have its pluses and minuses, and ultimately it comes down to your personal preference. However, here at EI, we’re a huge lover of WordPress as a platform and a content management system (CMS).

WordPress has been around since 2003 so it’s a very well established platform. It’s easily the most popular blogging platform on the market and has also become the platform of choice even for non-blogging websites. In fact, we’ve used WordPress for our website. Yes, this website is powered by WordPress.

So now you’re considering WordPress, what are 5 reasons why you should make the leap and build with or move to WordPress:

  • The WordPress CMS is intuitive and simple to use – this means that managing your website and uploading new content is easy and straightforward. No coding knowledge needed and you won’t be dependent on a developer to update your site. Not only does this give you freedom but it keeps your costs low as well
  • WordPress is so flexible – you can pretty much create any type of website you want: blog, business website, portfolio, eLearning, magazine or news website. In addition to the full suite of out-of-the-box functionality, there’s a directory with thousands of additional plugins so you can truly customise it to your needs
  • WordPress is W3C standards compliant – this means that your website will not only work in today’s browser, but is future-proof too
  • WordPress is optimised for search engines as standard – allowing you to be found easily online by your customers and clients
  • WordPress is scalable – it grows as you grow

Have we convinced you? If you’re thinking that you want to get started with WordPress, whether that’s for a brand new website or you want to migrate your existing website over onto WordPress, get in touch!


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