Digital Marketing

Does your target audience know you exist? You can have the most amazing product or service but still struggle to generate business if your customers have never heard of you.

Marketing is all about connecting with your audience where they are, at the right time and using the right format. Digital channels allow brands and businesses to reach customers where they are spending an increasing amount of time – online. Another advantage of digital over simply traditional methods is the data that can be derived about your customers that will allow you to target your users more effectively.

Our digital marketing services cover a mixture of pull and push marketing. The main difference between pull and push marketing is how you approach your customers. With pull marketing, you’re motivating customers to seek out or stumble upon your business, whereas with push marketing you’re taking the product directly to the customer. Both approaches are valuable.

Our digital marketing services cover five core activities:

Search Engine Optimisation

In layman's terms, SEO involves optimising your website's content so that you appear higher up in search results for the keywords relevant to your business. Search engines like Google also rank your site based on how it scores against technical factors such as H1/H2 tags, metadata, and whether your site is mobile friendly.

A lot of this is work that needs to be done under the metaphorical hood of your website but once you get this right, you can greatly improve the visibility of your brand, as well as achieve organic audience growth.

Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the best converting channels when you consider return on investment (ROI).

On average, 21% of marketers across all industries state that email delivers an excellent ROI (social media came a close second at 15%). Customers acquired via email also have a 12% higher lifetime value than average.

Email is a great way to engage with customers who have already expressed an interest in your business. It goes without saying that this is far more than just buying email addresses and bombarding them with bog standard promotions. Rather it requires you to nurture those relationships, as well as having a solid strategy around everything from what you send to when and how you send it.

Content Marketing

The strategy here is to create and distribute valuable, relevant content consistently to attract and/or retain a clearly defined audience. The aim is to increase brand awareness and loyalty and, ultimately, drive a specific customer action - be that a purchase, or a subscription.

Engaging content gets you noticed, draws traffic in, and allows you to offer additional value to customers. It relies on strong distribution and so works best with other marketing activities that help to promote the content you're creating.

Social Media Marketing

This is covered more in depth in our Social Media section below.

Paid Ads

A means by which you drive paid-for traffic to your site. The most popular platform is Google AdWords - by virtue of Google being the most popular search engine. In addition to search engines, many of the social media channels also offer pay per click (PPC) ads, where your ad will be shown to a targeted group of users.

Having said that, paid ads are a quick way to blow your marketing budget if you're not using it effectively. You'll need to keep a careful eye on the performance analytics and constantly review, tweak and adjust accordingly.

Our Packages

So how can we help?



First, we’ll work with you to define goals for your digital marketing activities. Is it to increase sales or subscriptions, to increase traffic to your website, or simply as a brand building exercise? 



Once these are defined we’ll agree on what mix of our 5 main activities will help to achieve them. Although all may be relevant, to get the best results we’ll target the activities best suited to your business and target audience. 



Next we’ll draw up a strategy for each of the activities as well as put together the relevant content to be distributed – be this an article, or to design social media posts.



Finally, we’ll run the agreed strategy working to achieve the agreed upon goals. All you need to do is choose your preferred package below based on the number of hours we dedicate to your project each week. 


At the end of each month, we’ll provide comprehensive reporting on the activities carried out that month, analytics and stats (engagement, open/clickthrough rates), to ensure we’re meeting the set goals.


£650 / month
  • 4 hours per week


£950 / month
  • 7 hours per week


£1,300 / month
  • 10 hours per week

Featured project

Goals: Daytime Healthcare Recruitment had 3 main goals: drive traffic to the site; advertise new jobs/brand awareness; and convert visitors to registered candidates.

Activities: We created a range of graphics to post on their social media platforms – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as designed covers for all three platforms. We also ran one paid ad campaign on Facebook to promote the quick and easy registration process.

Result: We achieved a 150x increase in social media traffic to the website and the Facebook ad had over 500 engagements.

Single unit costs

We understand that keeping an eye on cash flow is really important for small business owners. So we also offer our design services for individual marketing elements which you can use as you choose.

Get in touch for individual prices – complete the inquiry form below or send an email to


We’ll work with you to determine the mix of activities that will best achieve your digital marketing goals.

Planning for (including writing up content or designing digital assets accordingly) as well as implementing the agreed upon strategy. We also provide a comprehensive report each month of activities and analytics. Essentially, you don’t have to worry about your digital marketing – think of us as your outsourced marketing team.

No you don’t, although we ask clients for a minimum initial trial period of 3 months so there’s enough time to show meaningful results. Beyond that, you can simply give us 30 days’ notice if you want to cancel your package.

Social Media

Do you find yourself looking at a competitors Instagram feed and wondering how they keep it looking so beautifully curated? Or are you scratching your head about the best time of the day to post that piece of content you spent so long producing in order to get the best engagement? 

Social media is becoming an increasingly important channel and you’ll find that many people will first encounter your organisation via social media. In fact, in some industries you’ll generate more business via social media than your website. 


Keeping in mind your overall goals for your digital marketing activities, we’ll work with you to define your social media brand/presence – what are you trying to achieve on the various platforms?



We’ll define your target audience and their interests. What makes them tick?



We’ll identify a theme and some broad categories of topics – so you’re never left scratching your head wondering what to post about. 



Finally, we’ll equip you with the tools and training you need to create beautiful graphics (no Photoshop knowledge needed!) and automate your content delivery – including calendars – as well as the best sources for beautiful stock imagery for your business.

Sample posts

Featured project

Planning your Instagram feed is crucial to ensure it portrays the overall image that you want. As it’s such a visual platform, how the overall grid looks is as important as each individual post and so we plan posts in grids of 9 or 12. This ensures that each grid tells a cohesive story.

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